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I built this website more than a decade ago as a project for a class. The original idea was to just do a couple pages but it very quickly grew in scope. The reason for this was that, at the time, I was very involved in the FZR community and I wanted to be able to provide a central location where basic information for the U.S. models could be easily obtained. However, after a couple years of inactivity in the FZR community, I decided to pull the site down. Although the construction and layout of the site are very crude by today's standards, I think the information is still valuable - from a practical standpoint as well as historical. For that reason, I decided to put it back up. If time allows, I may add to the existing content. I'll have to play it by ear though...

In the meantime, enjoy!
My first bike!
    Some notes about the pic:

  1. I was a squid at a very young age (no gear).
  2. Check out the Vance & Hines color scheme.
  3. That's STILL about as well as I can reach the ground.

My First Bike!


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