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1992 FZR600
I bought my 1992 FZR600 in July of 2008 and had it shipped out to California from Wisconsin. It cost quite a bit to get it out here but most of the ones that were available locally were in pretty bad shape. After about 2 months of riding the bike as it was, I decided to strip it down to the frame to have the frame and sub-frame blasted and powder-coated. The bike was also in dire need of tuning attention. I ditched the pod filters, 135 main jets, and the old Yoshimura exhaust in exchange for a stock airbox with a K&N filter, 110 main jets, and a Micron exhaust. I could not believe the difference those changes made! I also opted for a Vortex 14/47 sprocket set-up which yields an even bigger kick in the pants. The rebuild took about 4 months to complete. There are still a few things that I would like to get taken care of though. We'll see if I can get it done in the near future!
My 1989 Yamaha FZR600

Details: 1992 FZR600 - White, red, and black, '90 FZR400 Deltabox swingarm, Micron full exhaust, DynoJet Stage 1 jets & needles, Factory Pro needle jets, K&N filter w/ airbox, '06 - '07 R6 shock, Race Tech springs & emulators, R6 front master cyclinder, Galfer SS brake lines, YZF blue dot front calipers, Vortex / RK 520 14/47 conversion, YZF/R6 VR/R, Bridgestone BT-014 tires, Vortex swingarm spools, Zero Gravity windscreen

1990 FZR400
My 1990 FZR400 was built completely from the ground up with the build taking about 8 months to complete. Everything except the frame, sub-frame, forks, and wheels (which I DID purchase seperately) came in boxes. The original idea I had when I started building the bike was to do a hybrid of some kind. However, after the project got going, I started to get more interested in the idea of building a full-on track machine. About a year later, in April 2010, I crashed during a track day event at Willow Springs. Fortunately, the frame was still in great shape so I decided to go ahead and do the hybrid street build with it. The list of modifications were to include a YZF600 motor, forks, front wheel, and tank; FZR400 3TJ swingarm and 17" rear wheel; and a Penske shock. For bodywork, I had planned to use FZR600 3HE fairings (dual-lamp upper). Not so fortunately, my time and energy ended up getting diverted to other things so the build was scrapped...
My 1990 Yamaha FZR400

Details: 1990 FZR400 - Yamaha blue - '90 FZR400 frame & Deltabox swingarm, Sharkskinz track bodywork, Dynojet Stage 1 jets & needles, Factory Pro needle jets, Factory Pro shift kit, EBC clutch springs, Ohlins shock w/ Hyperco spring, Race Tech springs & emulators, JEM Machine fork preload adjusters, ReelRazor adjustable dogbones, ModKing fork brace, Woodcraft clip-ons & rear sets, Galfer SS brake lines, Vortex / RK 520 14/45 conversion, YZF/R6 VR/R, Bridgestone BT-014 tires, Vortex swingarm spools, Lockhart Phillips windscreen

1989 FZR600
The 1989 FZR600 was my first motorcycle. I bought it back in February of 1991 from a guy who bought it brand-new in 1990. He rode it around for the summer then went off to college and decided to sell it that following winter. It had less than 3000 miles on it and was absolutely perfect. The bike came from the dealer with a full Vance & Hines SuperSport system, Vance & Hines PowerPak (extremely difficult, if not virtually impossible, to find now), and a DynoJet jet kit. In June of 1991, I rode the bike from Minneapolis to Las Vegas. About four weeks later, I rode it from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (the pic to the right was taken the night I left). After my one month stay in L.A., I flew a friend out to drive back to Minneapolis with me because there was no way I was making that trip again! I ultimately ended up selling the bike in September of 1991 because winter was on the way and I needed money to buy a car. I really miss that bike!
My 1989 Yamaha FZR600

Details: 1989 FZR600 - White, red, and blue, Vance & Hance SuperSport full exhaust, Vance & Hines Powerpak, DynoJet jet kit, Zero Gravity windscreen


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